The Phoenix On-Line Foundation

Its Missions and Goals

One preponderant mission:   Empowering citizens with disabilities through the use of computer technology.

The Phoenix On-Line Foundation  is a non-profit organization dedicated to and for citizens with disabilities, their families, their caregivers, their friends, support professionals, educators, clinicians and other interested parties.

This mission includes, but is not limited to, the following objectives and goals:

  1. Empowering citizens with disabilities through the use of computers.
  2. Supporting, fostering, contributing, and promoting the development of new technologies (R. and D.) in the field of adaptive or assistive computer related technologies.
  3. Supporting, fostering, contributing, and promoting a better quality of life for citizens having a disability, including their families and caregivers by exploiting computers and/or the Internet, be it for educational, professional, or leisure activities.
  4. Breaking the cycle of isolation, through the use of computer technology, that persons with disabilities and their caregivers experience.
  5. Informing, instructing, and educating administrators, deciders, professionals, educators and clinicians in the new technologies that are available.
  6. Contributing to the purchase of computer equipment and programs needed by citizens that have a handicap, so that they may benefit from the use of these technologies and/or become part of the Internet community.
  7. Maintaining an Internet web site ( This web site will contain the latest information available on enabling people with disabilities.
  8. Providing a free and easily accessible central meeting place on the Internet. This meeting place will be located on an *Internet Relay Chat Server in the room called #Comic_Chat_Phoenix. This room will be staffed and supported by volunteer hosts with a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge. The hosts will be expected to provide a safe environment, answer questions and provide information.
  9. Maintaining a Newsletter and Bulletin Board for and by its membership.
  10. Conducting fund raising activities in order to fulfill the mandate of the Phoenix On-Line Foundation and to maintain its assets.
  11. Affiliating with, collaborating with, and supporting other similar non-profit organizations worldwide including the citizens that these organizations provide services to.

July 1998, Fstj/Jh *Revised Mar 2000

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