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Table of Contents

  1. How do I create my own Character? (Character Editor FAQ)
  2. How do I set up my own rules? (Rules Reference)
  3. How do I use the fancy characters like the heart symbol?
  4. The /prop command doesn't work
  5. I enabled "Show Identity on Arrival", but it doesn't work
  6. How do I know if my friend is online?
  7. I own a room, how can I enter it as a host?
  8. Why don't the hyperlinks work?
  9. How do I stop unwanted Invites?
  10. How do I stop the porn spammers?
  11. What does LOL, BRB and <g> mean? (Acronyms)
  12. I see sounds being played, but I can't hear them. Why?
  13. How do I install the mpeg-3 CODEC?
  14. How do I change my identity?
  15. How do I kick, ban or ignore a user?
  16. Why is it called Microsoft Chat and not Comic Chat?
  17. Why do some pIRCh and mIRC users dislike Microsoft Chat?
  18. How do I access the Easter Egg in MSChat 2.1?
  19. How do I access the Easter Egg in MSChat 2.5?
  20. How do I create a Background file?
  21. Why can't I get a complete room list?


How do I use the fancy characters?

If you wish to use some of the extended characters look for the "Character Map" under the Start Programs menu and it will give you all the ALT codes for various fonts.   To use an ALT code, press and hold your ALT key, and type the number on the numeric keypad (do not use the numbers above the letters for this).

If you are in either Comic or Text mode, first look to see which font you are using. Click the Font button on the tool bar, or press CTRL+Q, click the Comics View tab then the Change Font button. The default for Comic Mode is the Comic Sans MS font, and the default for text mode is the MS Sans Serif font.

If you wish to use some of the additional characters like hearts, etc. You need to set MS Chat to use the "Symbol Font"

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The /prop command doesn't work

This applies to MS Chat 2.5 build (4.71.2302) English Version only.

The Help file does not use the most current IRCx specifications for properly writing the syntax for the /Prop command.  MS Chat 2.5 will still work with the /prop command, but you need to change the format of the string. After <property> there is a space followed by an :
To set or change a property: /PROP <channel> <property> :<data>
Example: /PROP #MyRoom OwnerKey :SecretPassword
Example: /PROP #MyRoom OnJoin :Hi and welcome to my Chat room.
To delete a property:  /PROP <channel> <property> :
Example: /PROP #MyRoom OnJoin :
Also, at this time MS Chat 2.5 users do not see the OnJoin and OnPart messages.

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I enabled "Show Identity on Arrival", but it doesn't work

This will only work if you are in Text Mode.  For Comic Mode users follow these instructions:

1. Go to View menu, then Automation and then Rules Set tab
2. Make sure you have enabled a certain Set then click the Rules tab.
3. Click Add Rule
4. For an Event, choose "When a user joins a room",
5. For Nickname choose %AnyonebutMe%,
6. For Room, choose %MyActivatedRoom% for a start.
7. In the Action part, choose "Get the identity of the event user" then hit Apply then Ok

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How do I know if my friend is online?

In MS Chat 2.5, right click on the user and select "Add to notifications". The next time they logon a Notification screen will appear.
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I own a room, how can I enter it as a host?

If you have a registered chat room and are using MSChat 2.0 or greater following these steps will allow you to jump directly into your room from the start up screen as a host.

1) Enter the room and create a favorite, click the Favorite menu, then Add to Favorites.
2) Open Notepad and then open your Favorites folder.  Generally in \Windows, but it might also be in \Windows\Profiles
3) Change the "File of type" to read "All Files (*.*)"
4) You should see your room listed now, open that file.
5) The file will have some "garbage" followed by the following lines

IRCSERVER: irc.comichat.homeip.net
IRCCHANNEL: #RoomName Password
6) Edit line 3 (IRCCHANNEL:) With a space followed by your room password
7) Save the file.
8) Open chat and you should see your room in the Favorites menu, in the Log In Window it should show #RoomName Password.
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Why don't the hyperlinks work?

This solution is for Windows 95 users only.
NOTE: The Windows messaging upgrade (for Microsoft exchange) is no longer available for Windows 95. If the hyperlinks don't work, you need to upgrade to Windows 98 or 98 Second Edition. One of the DLL's has been upgraded to allow the hyperlinks in mschat 2 .x to operate normally. You need to have a recent riched32.DLL in order for hyperlinks to work in text mode.  It's not included with the MSChat download, since different countries have different versions of riched32, and there could be consequences of people installing the wrong localized version of MSChat, and Exchange or WordPad breaking. 

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How do I stop unwanted Invites?

You may disable that feature all together. Click the View menu, select Options, then click the Settings tab.  Then uncheck "Receive chat invitations." 
Starting with version 2.1 you can be in more than one room at a time, so if you are "pulled" away you can just close the unwanted room and return chatting in the original room.
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How do I stop the porn spammers?

This is probably one of the most annoying occurences on chat servers. There are several steps you can take to reduce the number of spams you get. 

Part one: While in MS Chat press CTRL Q, click the settings tab and uncheck the box by "Appear in others' user list".  Then, if you are a room host, press the Room menu, then click the box by Private.  This will help keep you off the user list, which can make it hard for people to find you, but helps reduce spammers.

Part two: On the Rules page there is an Anti-Spam rules set that you can download and install.  It will automatically close any whisper box that appears with the "http://" link in the text.  You can modify it to close based on other words as well.

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What does LOL, BRB and <g> mean? (Acronyms)

The Most Common Acronym meanings
BBL - Be Back Later
<G> - Grin
J/K - Just kidding
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
NP - No problem
ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing (also ROFL)
<W> - Wink

Full List of Acronym meanings
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from keyboard
AKA - Also know as
ASAP - As soon as possible
B4 - Before
BAK - Back at keyboard
BBL - Be Back Later
BBS - Be Back Soon
BCNU - Be seeing you
BFN - Bye for now
BRB - Be Right Back
BTDT - Been There Done That
BTW - By the Way
CU - See you
CUL - See you Later
CUL8R - See you later
DYJHIW - Don't you just hate it when...
EG - Evil grin
ETLA - Extended three letter acronym
F2F - Face to face
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question
FWIW - For what it's worth
FYA - For your amusement
FYI - For your information
G - Grin
GA - Go ahead
GBH - Great big hug
GBH&K - Great big hug & kiss
GR&D - Grinning, running & ducking
H - Hug
HB - Hug back
HH - Holding hands
HHOJ/K - Ha Ha, Only Joking/Kidding
HHOS - Ha Ha, Only Serious
HIWTH - Hate it when that happens
IAE - In any event
IDK - I don't know
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IOW - In other words
IRL - In Real Life
IYKWIM - If you know what I mean
JAM - Just a Minute
JASE - Just another system error
J/K - Just kidding
K - Kiss
KB - Kiss back
KOTC - Kiss on the cheek
L8R - Later
L - Laugh
LMAO - Laughing my a** off
LOL - Laughs Out Loud
LYLAB/S - Love You Like A Brother/Sister
MORF - Male or female
MOTAS - Members of the appropriate sex
MOTOS - Members of the opposite sex
MOTSS - Members of the same sex
NIFOC - Naked in Front of Computer
NRN - No reply necessary
OBTW - Oh, by the way
OIC - Oh, I see
OTOH - On the other hand
OTT - Over the Top
PD - Public domain
PMJI - Pardon me, Jumping in (when you interrupt a conversation)
PMFJI - Pardon me for jumping in (same as above)
PITA - Pain in the a**
POTC - Peck on the cheekREHI - Hello again
PRW - Parents are Watching
RFD - Request for discussion
ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing (also ROFL)
ROTFLMAO - Roll on the floor laughing my a** off
RSN - Real soon now
RUOK - Are you OK?
S - Smile
SB - Smiles back
SITD - Still in the dark
SO - Significant other
SW - Shareware
SYL - See you later
TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TARFU - Things are really foobared up
TGIF - Thank God it's Friday
TIA - Thanks in advance
TIC - Tongue in cheek
TLA - Three letter acronym
TNX - Thanks
TNX 1.0E6 - Thanks a million
TTFN - Ta Ta for Now
TTYL - Talk to You Later
VEG - Very evil grin
VES - Very evil smile
VWG - Very wicked grin
VWS - Very wicked smile
W - Wink
WG - Wicked grin
WRT - With regard to (also with respect to)
WTH - What the heck
YKYBOTLW - You know you've been on-line too long when...

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I see sounds being played, but I can't hear them. Why?

Part One:
To play/hear sounds you must have at least version 2.0 of Microsoft Chat, and have defined the "Sound Search Path" in your Microsoft Chat Options set to wherever you have your sound files stored. In most cases this is the default C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA. Other people will be able to hear only sound files that are already on their computer, with the same name. When you click the Play sound button, Microsoft Chat searches the location you typed and enables you to choose from the sound files it finds. When others click the Play sound button, Microsoft Chat searches the location you specified for the sound file they specified.

NOTE: The filenames must match EXACTLY including spaces and punctuation. Over the years many filenames of sound files have been altered. When you see the sound being played, compare the filename carefully to the filename in your Media folder. ( Upper or lower case is not important ) There is still no guarantee you will hear the same sound the other person is hearing as they may have the filename on a totally different sound. Remember you are not hearing their sound file, you are hearing the sound file stored on your computer.

To define where sounds are located on your computer:
1 On the View menu, click Options.
2 Click the Settings tab. (at the top of the screen that appears)
3 In the Sound search path box, type the location on your computer where you want Microsoft Chat to look for sound files.

Part two:
I can hear most wav files, but not certain ones.
This is probably due to the file being compressed using the MPEG-3 CODEC.   This compression can save a large amount of file space, thus many users compress wav files for that reason.  To see if you can hear MPEG-3 files, click here to play a small sound, when prompted select open rather then save. Refer to the next section to download and install the CODEC.

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How do I install the mpeg-3 CODEC?

Often after installing or upgrading a media program you may not be able to play sounds you once heard ; you just need to reinstall the needed mpeg-3 codec file. Click  here   to download the codec.zip file. Then, unzip this archive to a work directory - for instance, C:\TEMP.  Do not just open the file with WinZip.  You MUST EXTRACT all of the files to a work directory.  Next, open Windows Explorer and go to the work directory. Right-click on the INSTALL.INF file and choose the INSTALL menu command. The CODEC should work right away - if not, try rebooting your system.

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How do I change my identity?

Your identity may appear like this (username@server.com or username@123.456.78.90). Many people would prefer not to have their username listed, you can edit this information.  You can not make any changes to information following the @ as that information is supplied by your Internet Service Provider.  But you can edit the information before the @ symbol.

You can edit your identity by changing the "Real Name" and/or "Email" fileds in the Personal Info setup page, you must make changes prior to connecting to the server.  If you are using MS Chat version 2.1 you should upgrade to version 2.5 as you can not easily make identity changes in the older version.

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How do I kick, ban or ignore a user?

Kick: Only a chat room host can kick someone out of a room, as another option you can Ignore the member or ask the host to kick them out of the room for you (if there is a host). "Kicking someone out" does not prevent them from re-entering the chat room.

To kick someone out of a chat room temporarily
1. In the list of members, select the person you want to "kick out" (remove temporarily).
2. On the Member menu, click Host, and then click Kick.
3. In the Why are you kicking (nickname) box, type the reason you are removing the person from the chat room. The reason you type will appear to other members of the room.

Ban: Only a chat room host can ban someone from a room. Banning someone prevents that person from re-entering the room until you "unban" them. Because you will need to provide this information if you ever want to let that person back into the room, you might want to write down the information displayed in the Person to ban or unban box.

To ban someone from a chat room permanently
1. In the list of members, select the person you want to ban.
2. On the Member menu, click Host, and then click Ban / Unban.

Ignore: Any user can Ignore another user. If you Ignore a person you will no longer see messages from this person. Though other members of the chat room will still continue to see them, and they can see what you say.

To ignore a person:
In the list of members, right-click the person you want to ignore, and then click Ignore.
You can also click the Ignore option box in a Whisper Box.

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Why is it called Microsoft Chat and not Comic Chat?

When version 2.0 was released the name was changed.  Though many of us still prefered Comic Chat, since the program also has a strong Text mode the current name seems to fit the program better.
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Why do some pIRCh and mIRC users dislike Microsoft Chat?

In previous versions (1.0-2.1) Microsoft Chat sent out "garbage" that controlled the Character Emotions/poses.  The code looked like this: (#G010E010M1), and to non-Microsoft Chat users was rather annoying.

This has changed in v2.5 and Microsoft Chat no longer sends this type of information.  If you had previously checked the box by "Don't send Microsoft Chat specific information" in the Settings box you can safely uncheck it. The only time these users will see any code is if they enable the /IRCx mode, then they will see information in their status screen.  An advance user of these programs can easily create a script to surpress this information.

Second, Microsoft Chat users like to make their characters "dance" by pressing the enter key repeatedly, which floods the other chat client screens.

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How do I access the Easter Egg in MSChat 2.1?

This will only work in Microsoft Chat 2.1.
Type the following message:  CanThereBMore?  (no return)
Then Press: SHIFT+CTRL+ "Favorites" button + "Open Favorites"
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How do I access the Easter Egg in MSChat 2.5?

This will only work in Microsoft Chat 2.5.
Type the following message:  WhoIsTheGenius?  (no return)
Then Press: SHIFT+CTRL+ "Favorites" button + "Open Favorites"
Time to get out and vote for the MS Chat 2.5 Easter Egg at www.eeggs.com You can jump directly to the MS Chat page by clicking  here . Don't forget to click on the Rate this egg! button. Give it a "10 " LOL
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How do I create a background file?

MS Chat 2.5 can use two types of files for backgrounds; either BMP or the new BGB file formats.  The BGB format allows backgrounds to be compressed and encoded for automatic downloading.   Unfortunately Microsoft has not released a compressor for the BGB format to the general public. ( See the Phoenix-Online Backgrounds section for more information. )

Instead you will need to use the BMP format for your background file.  The BMP files can grow to a rather large size, if you plan on sending the files use the least number of colors when you save the file.  The BMP files should be 315x315 pixels in size.

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Why can't I get a complete room list?

(This is a server problem not a client problem)
Sometimes servers have a bit of a problem with the room list feature. Instead of getting a room list with either the menu (Room, Room List) or the /list command you should use the /listx command with an argument to filter the list. Using a raw /listx command may flood you off the server, resulting in a disconnection from the server. Below is a list of /listx arguments.

/listx N=*comic* (for rooms with the word 'comic')
/listx T=*help* (for rooms with 'help' in the topic)
/listx R=1 (for registered rooms)
/listx R=0 (for dynamic rooms)
/listx >25 (for all rooms with more than 25 members)
/listx <20 (for all rooms with less then 20 members)
If you still become disconnected from the server narrow your argument. Using /listx R=1 or R=0 may still cut you off, instead use the n= or t= argument.
MS Chat 2.5 users may type the /listx command where you normally type text for chatting. The room list will then appear in the Status window tab. After viewing the list and selecting the room you may use the /join #roomname to enter the room. Below are samples of the /join command in use, again type where you normally type text.
/join #Comic_Chat_Phoenix
/join #Comic_Chat

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