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Nickname :Y-Guy
Real Name :Steve Howland
Location :Washington, USA
Birth Month :
Email :Unknown
Homepage :The Unofficial MS Chat Add-On Site

Microsoft MVP Who am I?

Well a bit of background about myself. I am not part of the Microsoft Chat team, but during the development of MS Chat 2.1 and 2.5 myself and several other hosts from #Comic_Chat_Help had the opportunity to run beta builds of MS chat, and give input on future features.  I've also been part of the beta of the Microsoft Chat Character Editor as well. Fran was also part of these teams!

Prior to opening the Comic Chat Help Site, I operated the 'Unofficial MS Chat Add-On site' on, which was the first to offer color characters to Microsoft Comic Chat users.  Before closing the site I had over 350,000 visitors download custom characters, backgrounds and sounds.  But alas, the site became too expensive to operate for free! 

In addition to my website duties I have been honored with Microsoft's MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for my participation in Microsoft Chat's development!  I provide help to users here, various Microsoft Chat newsgroups and in the room #Comic_Chat_Help on 

If you need help with Microsoft Chat, check out the Nexus Help Pages, which I had orginally written for the #Comic_Chat_Help site.

I am also volunteer and Director with the Tricities YMCA here in Washington.

Steve August 30, 1999