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Jim Campbell is actually the author of the Microsoft Comic Chat Character Editor.

He created the character, Jim.AVB, using photo's of himself.

Following the guide lines that his character editor needed in order to create a properly working .AVB file, he had photos of himself taken while posing for each Comic Chat 'emotion call-out'.

(Wave for 'Hi' or 'Bye')       (Point to Self for 'I')

(Point to Another for 'You')       (Laughing for 'LOL'), etc.

In retrospect, the only thing Jim could have done different in creating the first 'Photo AVB file' was to create a few more 'Neutral' poses.

This would have given his character a little more animation while chatting in a Comic Chat room.
The following reveals the minimum required poses for creating a proper Comic Chat Character file. Whether it be a 'Comic' file or a 'Photo' file. There should be at least one pose for each emotion on the list. Through chat room experience, one will discover that the more neutral poses that are added to the character file, the more animated and life like it becomes. (4 neutrals is a good start)


Note: While creating a Comic Chat character, the editor will give the author
an opportunity to assign an 'intensity number to the pose / emotion.
The higher the number, the more frozen the character will appear in a
chat room. So use the lowest numbers for a more active character!

Jim.AVB was created in September of 1997. To date, (September 2005) Mermaid Elizabeth has approximately 11,600 .AVB files in her Comic Chat data base. Out of them, about half of these .AVB files are true 'Comic' characters. The other half were created by people using photos of famous people, celebrities, and other photographed subjects. Jim Campbell's 'Jim.AVB', however, still remains the only properly created 'photo' character file.
Since this page is being written to regard the photo Comic Chat character,
Bud-O has created an instructional page on how to create a 'comic-like' character out of photographs of one's self. His instructions are a terrific way to make a fun comic character of yourself!

Bud-O's entire tutorial is posted on the Phoenix-Online Web Site and begins HERE!
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