How to create your own web site - Part 1

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One of the things that I just adore doing is building my homepage. I love looking at other people's homepages where I can learn about the people I chat to, people I like to call my friends. For some, making your own homepage might seem a daunting obstacle best left untouched, for others it's second nature and can provide a lot of pleasure. If you are one of those that would like to have a go, but don't really know how to start, then I hope this is for you. What I hope to do is help ya make a start in the construction of your own homepage, and launch you into the fascinating world of html. So where do we start!.

First lets agree that a homepage does not have to be some complicated web site with lots of pages, menus and links. It can simply be one single page that has something to say about you. It's far better to start with something simple and then to add a page or two from time to time. Neither do you have to have an understanding of html, to produce a page. One of the things you will need is some web space, and you will need to know where it is. Most ISP's provide webspace, but I like to use the FREE stuff, and keep my own for ambitious things!. Of the many that are available, I use Angelfire, which gives me 5 meg of web space and has an easy to use editor. There are a number of simple to use editors that will do the work for you. I have used a range of Web editing tools, but usually come back to the one I first started with. For now, I'm gonna suggest you get yourself registered at This will get you some webspace to play with, and some simple tools to put a page together. The registration will set up a main page which will end "index.html". To edit your home page, Angelfire have a basic and an advanced editor. The basic editor, presumes no knowledge of html. You simply check some boxes, write a bit and click save!! YUP! it really is that simple. I'm gonna suggest you try it out, play with it, and look at the different page layouts that they offer.

In Part 2 I'll tell ya how to spice it up a bit, add an extra page, upload a picture, and move it one step forward. One point to note, in the Angelfire editor.. It offers you the option to add links. You don't have to do that. Just click to tell it you don't want any links. The editor has a preview button available, to give ya feel for how it will look... it's worth using it. It doesn't matter if ya get it wrong!! Without the address no one else can view it, and you can't do any damage. So have fun.

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